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Preferred format for posters is A0, portrait. In case your poster is in landscape format please make sure that it is not much wider than 85 cm (A1 landscape).


A1:    Transition between 2D-HD and 2D-MHD Regimes in the Presence of an Imposed Homogenous Field. Todor Kondić, Vassilis Dallas, David Hughes

A2:    Studying the transition from axi- to nonaxisymmetric dynamos using semi-global convection models. Mariangela Viviani, Elisabeth Cole, Petri Kapyla, Maarit Käpylä, Nigul Olspert, Jörn Warnecke

A3:    Spreading of magnetic reconnection at electron scales: Electron-magnetohydrodynamic simulations. Neeraj Jain, Joerg Buechner

A4:    Flow patterns in a spherical annulus subjected to a magnetic field. Lalaoua Adel

A5:    Solar Mechanics: Sun activity and its magnetic fields flip synchronize with the moves of its system planetary center of mass. Maxime Pelerin

A6:    Non-axisymmetric magnetorotational instability in the spherical Couette system. Domenico Meduri, François Lignières, Laurène Jouve

A7:    Onset and Nonlinear Dynamics of the Solar Eruption. Satoshi Inoue

A8:    Closed form hydrostatic equilibrium with Kramers conductivity. Matthias Rheinhardt

E1:    Control of Transient Growth in Hartmann Flow. G. Algrabli, S. Arogeti, Michael Mond

E2:    Direct numerical simulations of turbulent natural convection with strong vertical magnetic field. Wenjun Liu, Dmitry Krasnov, Jörg Schumacher, Christian Karcher, Andre Thess

E3:    Local Lorentz force velocimetry at a continuous casting model. Daniel Hernández, Christian Karcher, Thomas Wondrak

E4:    Numerical Investigation of Magnetically Induced Instabilities. Thomas Arlt, Leo Bühler, Janis Priede

E5:    Effect of aspect ratio on steady liquid metal through the Graëtz flow system in MHD. Sabrina Lecheheb

E6:    MHD sloshing instability in liquid metal batteries. Gerrit Horstmann

L1:    Non-contact electromagnetic flow measurement in liquid metal two-phase flow using Lorentz force velocimetry. Ze Lyu, Christian Karcher

L2:    CFD study of the magnetic field effect on flow of liquid sodium in Taylor-Couette system. Abdelkrim Merah, Faiza Mokhtari, Adel Lalaoua, Abderrachid Hamrani

L3:    A homopolar disc dynamo experiment with liquid metal contacts. Raúl Avalos-Zúñiga, Janis Priede, Carla Bello Morales

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